Rohingya Support Project

Our foremost goal is to provide immediate humanitarian aid to the Rohingya population.
This includes food, clean water, shelter, and medical assistance to alleviate their suffering and improve their living conditions.
We are working to establish schools and learning centers for Rohingya children and adults, providing them with access to quality education.
Access to healthcare is a fundamental human right. Our project ensures that the Rohingya have access to medical care, including vaccinations, maternal health services, and treatment for common illnesses and diseases.
To promote self-sufficiency and economic independence, we are implementing livelihood programs such as vocational training and microfinance initiatives. These programs empower Rohingya individuals to generate income and support their families.
We regularly assess and evaluate the impact of our programs to adapt and improve our strategies, ensuring that we are making a meaningful and sustainable difference in the lives of the Rohingya.